Let your world be guided by words and prove that you know the largest number of words on the planet. Have an endless fun!

Think fast, write even faster – every second and every letter counts! Challenge your friends or players from around the globe. Join the best and show who has the last word!

Welcome to the land where you meet words and fun out of the world! Here, every minute something ends, and something starts: words, words, words. Endlessly!

• Do you have your word?

Make sure your word is better scored than the previous one, best make sure your word is the last in the game! Use letters that make your score higher and give you more time that counts as well as the points.

• Get the world!

Be better than computer, friends, random opponents and yourself! Enlarge your vocabulary every day and become the invincible master of the word – climb on the top of the global scoreboard.

• Out-of-the-world guides

Meet Endings! The colourful creatures will guide you through the endless land of words and will accompany you in duels with other players… or will become your opponents. Veeery demanding ones, we promise!